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My journey started, so hello from the other side of the world or better said ni hao!
Right now I am in the beautiful city Hong Kong. I already have 4 stops behind me: Beijing, Shanghai, Huangshan & Zhangjiajie.
In China every useful internet site is censored, that's why you're reading this a bit late.

Because I started traveling now my blog will be mostly based around traveling. But I still want to change the topics a bit and not only stick to show and tell.
If you have any ideas or wishes, please let me know in the comments!

Beijing. 8 Days.
My flight to Beijing was really stressful for me because I don't like flying at all. But I arrived! With a huge jetlag. Slept the whole day. But it continues.
I stayed because of planning reasons in two hostels in Beijing and got to know tons of people. Weirdly a lot of Germans. Everyone was really friendly and really helpful, the staff included.

I will leave little reviews of the hostels at the end, if you're considering to stay in Beijing as well!

From tradition to the new and modern. From nature and culture to smog.

I did the cliche sightseeing like the Great Wall, Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, but also a lot of temples and markets.

The Great Wall of China
If you're staying in hostel or hotel which offers guided tours than I would recommend doing that. You can visit it on your own but public transport only reaches the most touristic places at the wall. There you can take the famous Great Wall picture and get squeezed to death in the process.
I went with a tour from our hostel to a more ancient place at the wall which was really peaceful. We went hiking for 4 hours and could admire the original and not restored Great Wall.
It's really beautiful and a must see but one time is enough, I think.

The Forbidden City
A masterpiece in architecture. Stunning buildings, really impressive. Instead of doing a guided tour here, I would recommend buying the audio guide. It leaves you the choice to walk around freely.
I think the same goes for this attraction: A must see, but one time is enough.

I've seen three temples in Beijing but no one could impress me as much as Summer Palace did. A remarkable traditional architecture combined with wild nature. Instead of taking the stairs you climb up to the top.
The view is beautiful. I will always remind this place and if I could I would visit it 100 times again.

If you're an brave and adventurous eater the Foodmarket on the big shopping street is totally for you! I don't know the address, but if you search for it online you will find it! Are you brave enough to eat scorpions, seahorses and centipedes? Well, I had enough fun watching.
For everything else you get a variation of markets. I really liked the Pearl Market. The sellers start at ridiculously high prices but you can negotiate to really low prices. (example: "real cashmere" scarf, started at 400rmb (~54 Euros), got it for 80rmb (~10 Euros)

A word on the topic food. I ate at a lot of different places. You don't have to worry that much about Chinese food. But I heard that you have to be careful with little restaurants selling "western food". Locals don't know how to cook western food and I know people who got a burger and couldn't get out of bed for one week.

My recommendations:

* Stay at hostels. Even if you have the money for Hotels. I was alone in Beijing, but never been anywhere alone.

*Take your Student-ID with you. Everywhere. doesn't matter if it's not valid anymore. You get discounts nearly everywhere and can save up a lot of money.

*Always take cash with you. Restaurants, shops or hostels may not accept credit cards

Did I liked Beijing? Hell yes. A lot of remaining culture in a big city, you don't see stuff like that that often.
Smog? Oh yes. If there is bad weather you can literally feel the smog. But a friend of mine said: If you haven't experienced the Smog you've never been to Beijing

My Hostels:

Beijing Saga International Youth Hostel
Location: 3/5
Staff: 5/5
Food: 5/5
Cleanliness (Dorm): 4/5
Hygiene (Group Bathroom): 2,5/5

Leo Hostel
Location: 5/5
Staff: 5/5
Food: 5/5
Cleanliness (Dorm): 3,5/5
Hygiene (Group Bathroom): 3/5

Thanks for reading.
Next Post: Shanghai / Zhanjiajie / Huangshan

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