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Hong Kong, 8 days.
A city full of surprises? After a two hour very turbulent Flight I stepped out of the airplane doors into the warmth of the city.
As you know I was disappointed in shanghai and wasn't expecting Hong Kong to be that different. It's also a big city so what should be different? A panorama of skyscrapers but with good weather.
But I was so wrong.

I was in the Airport Express on my way to Hong Kong station where a friend of my cousin waited for me. Happy me, I could live in her flat for a few days in the middle of HK island.
She immediately told me about all the places I have to visit and all the things I have to do. And I asked myself: is there really that much to see?
I arrived in the evening, so after a good sleep I woke up and did some research about the attractions in Hong Kong.
"How can I do all of this in such a short period of time?"

Victoria Peak

Hong Kong is everything but a boring skyscraper city.
Hong Kong includes a lot of Islands. I was on the HK island where most of the people visible on the streets were business people.
It's a could island to live and work on. A lot of bars, clubs, restaurants and shops.
But what really attracted me was the more smaller islands.
Out of the many there are I decided to visit Chenug Chau, Lantau Island and Peng Chau. My legs still hurt from all the hiking. Never expected Hong Kong to be that pretty.

First I discovered the HK Island itself and ran over this magnificent hiking trail called the Dragon's Back Hike. Ending at a stunning beach. I would recommend it literally to everyone who stays a day or more in Hong Kong. Really easy to get to and is a reasonable hike of 3 hours. I arrived with a bus and got started and immediately loved the trail.
What I usually don't like about hiking trails is that they are often made easier to walk for the tourists or are going on streets. But not here. Most of the times you walk over "wild" ways and you have to climb over rocks to get forward. I really enjoyed it. And it's totally worth every sign of exhaustion.

Also on HK Island located is the really famous Victoria Peak. You go up with a Tram on a really high building to see the Skyline of Hong Kong (see the picture above)


Next stop was Cheung Chau. Pretty small. There should be a so called "Mini Great Wall" which really caught my attention. In the end it ended up to be a fancy hiking trail. Not really a wall, still pretty. Could do it in half an hour. You have a really nice view on the coast and you see a lot of weird looking rocks which are a attraction themselves.
Peng Chau is pretty similar looking (but still really worth seeing) so I leave the details out for this one.


Safe the best for last. The fantastic island Lantau. Really famous for the Tian Tan Buddha also known as Big or Giant Buddha. The Big Buddha is the second largest sitting Buddha statue there is with a height of 35m. But Lantau is filled with much more than that. The ancient towns should also be a eye catching thing, but I haven't experienced it on my own. I stayed close to the statue and visited the Po Lin Monastery and the Wisdom Path. Definitely a Must-See when you stay in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong surprised me in the best way possible. I stayed longer than planned, that's why I got a hostel for the rest of my days there.
On every corner exciting surprises are lingering for you. If you have the chance to experience it yourself, please do it! You won't regret.

Has anyone of you already been to Hong Kong? Did you like it?

My hostel:

Homy Inn North Point Hostel
Location: 5/5
Staff: 4/5
Food: 4/5 (no food but coffee, tee and water for free)
Cleanliness (Dorm): 5/5
Hygiene (Shared Bathroom): 5/5
Facilities: 1/5 (The lobby was not really inviting so no one was sitting there)

Thanks for reading.

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