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Krabi, Koh Phi Phi & Koh Lanta. All in all, 10 days. 

After I could enjoy enough filled streets in big cities and cold mountain-landscapes I finally moved on to the islands looking similar to paradise in Thailand. 

Originally I had in mind to visit Koh Samui and Koh Phangan(?). But after I heard that there were a lot of floods and not really a paradise-like atmosphere but more a apocalyptic feel, I decided to go to the other side in Thailand to the city close to the beach Krabi and from then on to the islands Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta. 

Everyone recommended me Koh Phi Phi, the wild party island, and Koh Lanta, the relax backpacker island, so I thought I give them a shot. 

After the really turbulent flight from Bangkok to Krabi I landed luckily alive in warm evening and haven't had a clue what to do. 

Then the idea popped in my head to open up the well recommended app "couchsurfing". There is this function called "Hangouts" where the app allows you to see other travelers close to you that want to do different activities. So I decided to turn this boring evening into an experience that i would recommend to everyone. 

But two nights in Ao Nang Beach were enough for me so I jumped in a one and a half hour long ferry (450 Baht ~12€) to Koh Phi Phi. 
I can tell you one thing for sure: Koh Phi Phi is not a Family-friendly island and is not appropriate for people that just want to relax. Most of the island is filled with young people that cure their hangover on the beach on the day and go party hard in the evening. Affordable and good Hostels are very hard to find, because the island in general is really expensive. 
I got really lucky with my hostel and got to know the friendliest and most respectful people I could wish for. 
This island is perfect for solo-travelers like me, because you can get to know tons of people and have a nice time there. 
But you have to be aware that this island is not good for a deep and relaxing sleep, because drunk people are coming home very late and very loud and the rooms are really messy and sandy. 
But it's a party-island. Nothing can ruin all the fun I had there. 

A bit more relaxing was my stay in Koh Lanta. Known as a really good family-vacation stay and filled with resorts and fancy hotels. Again I got super lucky with a hostel right at the beach. But the luck had to run out at some point. The weather was quite bad but we all still tried to make the best out of it! All of us people staying in the house formed a big family. Again got to know amazing people and even organized a reunion of the Koh Phi Phi gang. 

In Koh Lanta nearly every hostel offers a Acooter rental. Firstly because it's the perfect place to learn driving scooter and second because it's the best place to actually use a scooter. Why? Lanta is a big bigger island than Phi Phi. You can drive with the scooter from one end to the other in about two hours. The traffic is really calm and the is a lot to see spread over the whole island. 
The scooter from the hostel usually costs about 200 Baht (~5€) a day. You can get them a bit cheaper somewhere in the street, but you have to leave your passport at the rental place which is a bit to risky for me. They don't ask for a drivers license. For me it was the first time ever sitting on a scooter. It's not hard to learn, but after all you shouldn't get to confident and drive like crazy like most of the tourist sadly do. 

The top places I would recommend visiting in Lanta are the Animal Welfare and the Waterfall. 

The Animal Welfare is a medical help center for stray dogs and cats. They catch them give them vacations and sterilize them and, if the capacity allowed them to, the keep them and give them free for adoption. 
A tour through the Welfare is for free and starts roughly every hour. You can pet dogs and cats, play either the puppies and kittens and walk some dogs for free. But donations are not only welcome but also in my opinion suitable.

The waterfall was such an adventure. After a one hour ride from our hostel with the scooter you can park them for 20 Baht (~50Cents) and make your way through the Jungle. It's really a lifetime experience that you won't forget. Mosquito-Spray more than necessary. 

My hostels 

iRest Hostel Ao Nang 
Location: 3,5/5
Staff: 4/5
Food: 5/5
Cleanliness (Dorm): 5/5
Hygiene (shared bathroom): 3/5
Facilities: 2,5/5

Coma Lounge & Hostel 

Location: 5/5
Staff: 5/5
Food: - 
Cleanliness (Dorm): 5/5 (except for the sand which is obvious at a beach)
Hygiene (shared bathroom): 4,5/5
Facilities: 5/5

Hey beach hostel 

Location: 5/5
Staff: 1000/5
Food: 4/5
Cleanliness (Dorm): 5/5
Hygiene (shared bathroom): 3,5/5
Facilities: 5/5

Have you ever visited those places? What were your opinion on them? 

Thanks for reading 

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