Shanghai, Zhangjiajie & Huangshan - English

Hello from Hong Kong. Today is about three cites. Yeah you heard right. Three cities. Because I have to catch up with the blogging and these three cities are easy to combine, I thought: Why not.
Why are those cities easy to combine? I don't have a lot to say about Shanghai, more about that in a sec; and Zhangjiajie and Huangshan are two places in the mountains which fit perfectly together.

Shanghai, all in all 7 days.

My stay in Shanghai was pretty complicated. I arrived and planned 4 days in for sightseeing.
I traveled to the mountains from Shanghai. So it started from Shanghai to Zhangjiajie and back, stayed one day and went on to Huangshan and back to catch my flight to Hong Kong two days later.
A lot back and forth, I had 4 days of sightseeing in Shanghai.

Big city, a lot of skyscrapers, nothing to see. For me. The rain didn't make it any prettier.
I had high expectations in Shanghai but after Beijing it was just a big disappointment.
The attractions were mostly the skyscrapers and business buildings. I visited two temples of which one was a dream in gold and the other one was okay I guess. Also museums and markets. I was clubbing one time which was fun, but not different than in Europe. But by far the most exciting thing.
I've seen Shanghai. That's my statement. I still don't know if it was worth it or not.

Zhangjiajie, 3 days.

Zhangjiajie is a town right next to the National Forest Park. The "park" is famous for its Avatar-Mountains. These are the mountains where they shot the movie Avatar. Furthermore the have the internet-famous glass bridge in the park.

I traveled by train. But I would recommend anyone who wants to go to Zhangjiajie who has the money for it to book a plane ticket. But no Linda has to save money so she took the hard seater for 23 hours. A whole day in a smoke-filled, loud, uncomfortable train with a spit-covered floor. Chinese people have different manners, I guess.

I hiked two days in the mountains. On the first day it was raining and really foggy, on the second day I had sunshine, so I think I can't complain. I knew it was the wrong seasons for the mountains anyways. November to February is called the fog season. For a good reason. You could only imagine the mountains.

The glass bridge took a lot of courage. I always though how silly the people were and how they were exaggerating so much, as I saw them on the internet. But no. Even when you know how safe the bridge is, you still struggle to step on the glass and look down.

Huangshan, 3 days.

Huangshan is a town a bit closer to Shanghai. It's famous for the Yellow Mountains. I took a High-Speed-Train to get there which took me four hours but a bit too much money. So I took the normal, again really disgusting train on the way back for 12 hours.
I lived in a Bed&Breakfast and was sadly and weirdly the only guest. The host was really friendly though. He helped me to get from A to B, picked me up, organized with me.
Sadly the day I went to the mountains was really foggy and snowy, so I didn't see that many mountains. Bud lucky me the city was filled with amazing attractions as well. Magical grottoes, wild markets, but empty streets. Really weird when you just left Shanghai. But it was relaxing for once.

My hostels:

Shanghai Blue Mountain Bund Youth Hostel
Location: 5/5
Staff: 5/5
Food: 4/5 (if you could manage to get some in the hostel)
Cleanliness (Dorm): 4/5
Hygiene (Group Bathroom): 4/5
Facility: 5/5 (a lot of nice people in the lobby)

Recommend? Definitely yes.

Zhangjiajie April Hostel
Location: 5/5
Staff: 5/5
Food: - (nothing to buy)
Cleanliness (Single Room): 5/5
Hygiene (Own Bathroom): 5/5
Facility: 3/5 (really nice lobby but no guests)

Recommend? In the right season, yes.

Huangshan Bed & Breakfast
Location: 2/5
Staff: 5/5
Food: 4/5
Cleanliness (Single Room): 4/5
Hygiene (Own Bathroom): 3/5 (Hygiene was fine but the hot water ran out way to quickly)
Facility: 1/5 (no lobby, no guests)

Recommend? No.

And so I left mainland China and arrived in Hong Kong. I can't even wait to tell you about that!

Thanks for reading.


  1. so great to read about your experiences! Sorry to hear that Shanghai let you down, but it is great that you visited two other cities in the vicinity. Those mountains look like a great place to visit!

    lovely accommodation review, good idea to grade it like that<3