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And again I'm writing about two cities together because you can easily compare them (and because I'm a bit behind with the posts, hehe...)

Taipei, 3 days.

First things first I have to say that I probably didn't give Taipei the attention it deserves. I wasn't really motivated and I didn't inform myself too much about it. It also rained two out of three days, so it haven't made things easier.
Nevertheless is Taipei a nice city. Culture is still remaining in this big city, a bit like Beijing. But not quite Beijing.
Between the skyscrapers a lot of temples are hiding in some corners, nice parks and markets as well. The city is hugged by mountains. Sadly because of the weather I didn't have the chance to go hiking. I tried to go up on a peak but was quickly disappointed by the foggy and rainy view.

I would really recommend the Longshan Temple and the Chiang-Kai-shek Memorial Hall.
Someone who likes Asian architecture is in paradise at these places.

I went at the perfect time to the temple because there was a ceremony going on which was magnificent. I would recommend you maybe googleing when the ceremonies are because it makes it all more authentic. The atmosphere is so different when the temple is alive.

Sadly I can't really say more to Taipei. Maybe it is hiding more then I experienced, maybe not.

Bangkok, 4 days. 

Thailand? Well that's new.
You maybe know my original plan for this trip from my series "how to plan a journey" *click*. A lot has changed. Why? Because of the people I met and their stories.
That's why I didn't book everything at home and left me some freedom to decide spontaneously.
On my way through China I met tons of people raving about Thailand, the cheap paradise. So I checked the flights which aren't really expensive and thought: why not! Totally right decision.

To stay in Thailand German citizens don't need a visa. What you'll need at the check in is the flight number or the e-ticket of your flight out of Thailand. Unsure I planned a trip for two weeks and I wish I would've made it three weeks. Sadly I only spend 3 nights in Bangkok.

Bangkok is a paradise in comparison to Taipei.

Again a city surprised and overwhelmed me completely. Never in my life have I thought that Bangkok, a million city, could be as beautiful as it is.
What Bangkok is best for us watching culture between the rising modernization, eating good and cheap food and buying stuff you don't need in markets.

Again I went hunting for temples and discovered some magnificent treasures between the crazy traffic on the streets.
So many temples that you lose count of and can't even try to visit in that short amount of time.

So I "only" admired the Wat Benchamobophit, Wat Saket, the Antasamakhom Thronehall, the Grand Palace and the Wat Arun.

A fun and adventurous way to get from A to B is with the canal boats. If you walk through the streets you will quickly step over some canals or little rivers which mostly have a really small and old looking (Steg). The boats are coming every couple of minutes and will cost you 10 Baht (30 cent) for the ride.
These boats themselves are an attraction which not only locals but a lot of tourists attend.

All of the temple I visited are 100% worth seeing and I would recommend everyone of them.
I'm not going in to much detail, I'll just leave you prices, locations and pictures here. 

Wat Benchamobophit
Entrance fee: 10 Baht. I took a taxi from my hostel to the temple which was around 80 Baht (2€). Maybe it's an easier excess(?) for you from your hostel. 

The Antasamakhom Thronehall
Entrance fee: ?. You can visit the museum which I didn't do. I don't know the exact entrance fee but I guess it around 200-300 Baht (5-8€). Personally I admired the temple and museum from outside which is for free. I walked by foot half an hour.

Wat Saket

Entrance fee: 20 Baht. I went there with a canal boat.

Grade Palace
Entrance fee: 500 Baht (13€). A bit expensive but totally worth every cent. You can see it a bit from the outside which is for free if that's enough for you. I walked from Wat Saket 15 minutes in foot to the palace. 

The Grade Palace
Entrance fee: 500 Baht (13Euro). A bit expensive but totally worth it. I went to Wat Saket and walked there for 15 minutes.

Wat Arun
Entrance fee: free. I took a ferry from grade Palace to Wat (dawn) which was 3,50 Baht (10 cents)

Bangkok is breathtaking, beautiful and really affordable. I recommend to every traveller in Asia to take a look at Thailand or at least Bangkok.

My hostels

Star Box Hostel (Taipei)
Location: 4/5
Staff: 4/5
Food: ? (As far as I know no food)
Cleanliness (dorm): 5/5
Hygiene (shared bathroom): 5/5
Facility: 3,5/5

Mellow fellow hostel (Bangkok)
Location: 4/5
Staff: 5/5
Food: 3/5
Cleanliness (dorm): 4/5
Hygiene (shared bathroom): 3,5/5
Facility: 4/5

Has anyone of you already been to Taipei or Bangkok? What are your impressions?

Be excited for more out of Thailand!

Thanks for reading 

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