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Tanah Rata, 3 days. 

Next stop: Malaysia.
To be completely honest, the Cameron Highlands weren't my first stop in Malaysia. But because of Organisation it's better to tell you about my second stop first!
I came with the bus from Kuala Lumpur into the city Tanah Rata (~12€)
Everyone wants to go to the Cameron Highlands but no one knows where they are. Cameron Highlands describes only the mountain area which includes multiple cities inside.
The most famous city to visit the Cameron Highlands is a small really Indian-based city called Tanah Rata.
I lived in a unbelievable cheap hostel with its own tour shelter and surrounded by really good and affordable Indian restaurants.
The Cameron Highlands is a beautiful patch of land in Malaysia and easy accessible from every big city. I would recommend everyone who can find two spare days to visit this place!

My stay began in the evening so I just got to know a few people, went for food and planned the remaining two days.
The second day started off with sleeping in for me. Afterwards a really lovely girl from my dorm and me went for the most famous hiking trail in Tanah Rata, which is the Trail 10.
Apparently Trail 10 is the easiest trail but I experienced it actually really exhausting and even a bit dangerous. I wouldn't recommend going this trail alone. Trail 1 should be the hardest one; I don't even want to think about that one.

Behind a flower shop and garden startet Trail 10 directly in the jungle.
Close to nature and close to the abyss you should watch your step because if you fall you might not get up that easy again.
Would recommend that trail for families with children.

Because we did have no stamina to continue we stopped at the first viewing point and went back instead of going to the second one and than further on to finish it in the next city.
If you search it on google or use the app "" you can find the trail on the map. It's easy to follow.
We took for the way up to the viewing point and back roughly 3-4 hours. 

On the last day I did a guided tour from the TJ tour shelter next door, which was a wonderful tour.
We visited the famous tea plantations, a strawberry farm, the "Highest Peak 6666ft asl", the mossy forest, the tea factory and and butterfly and insect farm.
It was 4-5 hours and costed 50RM (10€) per person. The guide had perfect English skills and besides the big span of information he explained us to each sightseeing point he could also answer every question in detail.
I would recommend to everyone the tour shelter TJ Nur Travel & Tours.

Beginning with the breathtaking scenery he dropped us off to take a little walk admire the landscape and take some pictures. He explained us how we can make our own tea just from the leafs of the plants and through which processes you can get which sorts of tea.
From that plant you can get white, green and black tee. 

Afterwards we went to the strawberry farm which was more a flower, vegetables and fruit farm. The workers of the farm are so friendly and excited for guests. They grab your arm and show you around the whole farm, take pictures of you and give you a taste of anything edible. 

We sat down in the car and drive up to the highest peak of the Cameron Highlands. He was famous for his 6666ft above the sea level. You can then climb up on an rusty tower to have a 360 view, but again the bad weather sneaked up in us and left a completely foggy view.

From the peak we walked 20 minutes down surrounded by the famous "mossy forest". As we arrived by the car our guide told us the story about the oldest rainforest in the world which was just hugging the street we were standing on.
Afterwards we could follow him through the moss-covered, 300 million year old forest while he showed us plants and other things in the forest which are a hint to evolution. 

Next we stopped by the tea factory where we quickly got to know how the tea is processed. In the tea café next door we could buy some quality tea and enjoy it in the cold of the Cameron Highlands.

Because of some appointments some of us guests had we decided to skip the butterfly and insect farm. The entrance fee is 5RM (1€) and I'm convinced that the farm is really worth seeing.

Afterwards I jumped in the next bus to my next stop which you will hear about pretty soon.
(My instagram followers might already know where)

The Cameron Highlands and especially the attractions of the guided tour left an remarkable impression in my head and i would recommend everyone to experience it in their own.

My hostel 

TJ Lodge
Location: 5/5
Staff: 2/5
Food: -/5
Cleanliness (Dorm): 3,5/5
Hygiene (shared bathroom): 2/5
Facilities: 4/5

Recommend? If you're in a budget this is the right place!

Have you ever experienced the Cameron Highlands for yourself? Do you know any places similar to these mountains? 

Thanks for reading

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